Maricopa Superior Court

Find the Maricopa Superior Court

You can find all of the court locations listed here. Some are specialized, such as the Juvenile courts, and others are based on your location or the location of the citation/case.

What is the Maricopa Superior Court?

The Maricopa Superior Courts are where all legal matters are heard and decided upon. You can also receive help with finding a lawyer, get help with a troubled teen, volunteer, and research legal information.

The Maricopa Superior Court system includes several individual courts, namely:

  • Central Court Building (Family Court Administration)
  • Old Courthouse (Court, Civil, and Probate Administration)
  • West Court Building
  • East Court Building
  • South Court Tower (Court and Criminal Administration)
  • Northwest Regional Center
  • Southeast Court
  • Durango Facility (Juvenile)
  • Southeast Facility (Juvenile)

Non-Criminal Case Lookup and Criminal Case Lookup

You can look up your case here and covers the divisions of Family, Criminal, Civil, and Probate Courts. Court Calendar lists all of the cases coming up within those divisions and you just need to enter a time frame. Changes are updated frequently, often within 24 hours after an addition to a docket so check back often.


You can file some of your documents online! Read all instructions carefully and look for directions if there is anything that must be filed in person, where they should be filed, and the hours that they need to filed.

Traffic Payment

You can pay for your traffic tickets here. You must one of the following: Notice number, case number, or citation number. If you do not have this information, call the Clerk of Court Customer Service Center at 602-373-5975.

Maricopa Superior Court Hours

The courts are open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please note they are closed for the following holidays; New Year’s Day, Civil Rights Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Court Holiday (often the day after Thanksgiving), and Christmas Day.

Maricopa Superior Court Divisions

  1. Civil Court
  2. Criminal Court
  3. Family Court
  4. Probate Court
  5. Juvenile Court

Where are Maricopa Superior Courts?  What is the address of the Maricopa Superior Court?

There are nine locations scattered around Maricopa County. They are at these locations:

  • Central Court Building – 201 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, AZ 85003-2243
  • Old Courthouse – 125 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85003-2243
  • West Court Building – 111 S. Third Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003-2243
  • East Court Building – 101 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, AZ 85003-2243
  • South Court Tower – 175 W. Madison St, Phoenix, AZ 85003-2243
  • Northwest Regional Center – 14264 W. Tierra Buena Lane, Surprise, AZ 85374
  • Southeast Court – 222 E Javelina Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210-6234
  • Durango Facility – 3131 W. Durango, Phoenix, AZ 85009-6292
  • Southeast Facility – 1810 S. Lewis, Mesa, AZ 85210-6234

The Maricopa Superior Court offers a Law Library Resource Center to easily access all the forms you will need. You can also obtain instructions for the forms so that you can correctly fill them out and file them.

What is the Dress Code for the Maricopa Superior Court?

The dress code is business casual. Refrain from wearing tank tops, shorts, or uniforms otherwise you will be asked to leave. Temperatures vary in the courtroom and offices, so it is recommended that you dress in layers.

Confirm Dates and Times for My Court Appearance

You can confirm date and time for your court appearance by searching the case calendar. You will need to know your case number and the division of your case. If you are unsure, call the courthouse that you are supposed to appear and they can give you the information and confirm your dates and time.

Maricopa Superior Court Ordered Community Service

All those ordered to perform community service must register at a community restitution center. Hours are Mon-Thurs 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and you can call the hotline to find a center at 602-506-1300 or look at the list on the bottom of this page. Call the hotline each week to find work projects, updated each Wednesday morning, once you have registered.

Warrant Search for Maricopa

Maricopa Superior Court does not allow for the search of warrants. If you want to inquire about possible warrants you can call your local police department. They are not obligated to release that information and in many cases, they don’t.

Find the Court Traffic Division and Pay Traffic Violations

The Maricopa Superior Court does not handle traffic violations, the county Justice Courts take those cases! You can register for driving school, learn how to fight the violation in a hearing, or pay your fines online.

Maricopa Superior Court Revenue Recovery

Revenue recovery and restitution are handled by the Clerk of Superior Court’s office. They manage all information regarding the payer and payee, collecting of monies, and distribution.

Maricopa Superior Court Unlawful Detainer

This is another case that the Maricopa Superior Court does not take. The Maricopa County Justice Center takes evictions and provides information regarding the legality of lease agreements as well as a list of fees for filing.  The previous link includes all documents you will need to create your case. Cases move quickly through the system so you will get resolution fairly quick.

Maricopa Superior Court Case Lookup

You can locate a case online based on the division of the case; Probate, Family, Civil, or Criminal. You will need your case number to locate the case.

Maricopa Superior Court Judges

You can locate your judge and learn more about them here. Information includes their background, expertise, and accomplishments. It can help to know a little bit about the judge you will appear for or attempt to request a specific one.

Maricopa Superior Court Jury Duty

Jury Duty is an important civil duty bestowed upon you. Juror hours are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm and you are expected to stay the entire day, unless you are otherwise told. Please wear business casual, no tank tops or shorts. You will be given one hour for lunch and subsequent breaks will be handled in accordance to the day. To learn more, read their FAQ’s.

Maricopa Superior Court Small Claims

Maricopa County Justice Courts handle small claims cases. These cases cannot exceed in $3,500 in value and are heard by a judge or a hearing officer. You can learn more about the fees and statute of limitations for a case here.

Maricopa Superior Court Inmate Search

To find inmate information, you must go to the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office website. You will need the individuals booking number or their last name and date of birth.

Maricopa Superior Court Probate

The Maricopa Superior Court Probate division covers matters of wills and estates as well as mental health and guardianship concerns. Many of the cases are heard by a Judge or Judicial Officer but some are able to handled by a mediator. If you are in need of legal help with Probate court, they offer the Probate Lawyer’s Assistance Program. If you are eligible, you may be able to get assistance for free or heavily discounted.